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Put your people first and see great results

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Creating space to allow you to achieve your best

HR Coaching & Organisational Development

Change starts with YOU

A coach can change your life and your business

Ever been intrigued by how your mind works?  Being passionate about making a difference, I am driven to ensure you achieve your goals.  I will support you to reach your potential at work and in life.  Everyone has something to offer, for me it is about unlocking your potential. By working together, I will bring energy and enthusiasm to help you and your people achieve positive results.

The key to achieving outstanding success is ensuring continuous high performance from you and your team.  I aim to keep things simple, and will allow you and your people the space to grow and not be judged.   I will act as a sounding board, challenge thinking, stimulate creativity, give continuous encouragement, build confidence and provide tools and techniques to help you deal with situations.  As a result of your coaching experience you will all be able to grow and achieve potential, and as a result be more effective.  I will aim to deliver coaching designed to fully explore your capability.

  • Deliverable Strengths

    • Ability to deliver excellent results
    • Challenge thinking and stimulate creativity
    • Encourage brave conversations in a safe space
    • Emotionally intelligent
    • Logical problem solver offering effective solutions, with the ability to look beyond the obvious and see hidden problems

  • Personable Approach

    • Professional and approachable
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to build strong and effective relationships
    • Offering excellent Customer Service
    • Always working towards continuous improvement

My background in HR

My approach to supporting businesses

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Coaching For Engagement

Through coaching it will help you and your leaders develop strategies for problem solving.  It will guide you and your team to adapt to change, improve productivity and performance, making you all feel valued, and deal with challenges more effectively.

Mentoring & Support

I will take the time to listen and understand your issues and we can work together through the appropriate steps to enable your business to achieve great results. I will support you to break down large complex issues into manageable size chunks.

Coaching As An Investment

There are many ways to invest in your team.  Through coaching your people get to know themselves.  They start to understand their strengths, their weaknesses and their difficulties.  Once they recognise these, they are able to build on the good things and work on the rest.

Coaching Is Personal

Unlike other benefits or training, coaching is personal.  It is about you.  Each session can touch you; mindsets, beliefs, internal barriers, self doubt, perspectives, work issues, home issues, whatever you need.

Wellbeing & Performance

Physical and mental wellbeing is the foundation for sustaining high performance.  By looking after you and your people's wellbeing you will increase engagement and retention.

Leadership Coaching

Good relationships, communication skills and strong influencing skills are at the heart of every inspiring leader.  Through coaching, your leaders will become more self aware, be more resilient, deal with difficult behaviours and create better working environments.

My Clients say The Nicest Things.....

What is important - it is the people that make a difference.